Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Exciting Events in the Month of May!

1. Lushh Event - Thursday 6th May 2010 - Stoke-on-Trent

Red carpet event - An evening of self-celebration for confident women featuring fun, frolics and cupcakes! It's free to go and will feature exhibits and guest speeches, including one from me on behalf of Body Gossip. Go to http://www.lushevent.co.uk/ for full deets.

2. Body Confidence Workshop in Association with Evolve Media, Tres Health and Winning Minds - 22nd May 2010 - Chelsea Bridge

This marvellous event will teach attendees the key to self esteem and unlocking their real beauty. Led by Mark Newey (aka my boss) with an introduction from yours truly.

Best news is, Evolve community members get a breathtaking discount - £25 down from £75 for the first workshop (and then £50 thereafter). On 10th May, if you're a member of Evolve Magazine on Facebook (just type Evolve into the search box and use your noddle, as my Mum would say) you will receive an email with a secret password to enable you to claim your discount when you book. Tickets are on a first come, first served basis.

http://www.treschelsea.com/ - here is the link to learn more about the rather gorgeous venue.

3. May issue of Flavour Magazine

Flavour Magazine is a free London culture magazine 'for the young and ambitious' available in various places throughout the capital and also online: http://www.flavourmag.co.uk/. Look out for the May issue which will feature a Double Page Spread on Body Confidence, featuring opinions from Mark Newey, Ruth 'Wonder Woman' Rogers (founder of Body Gossip) and Sam Thomas - founder of Men Get Eating Disorders Too (www.mengetedstoo.co.uk)

4. Tamanda Walker

Tam Walker sings lovely melodious pop/soul tunes that make your ears go "aaaaaaah". She is also annoyingly beautiful. But very lovely, so we forgive her. She is an ambassador for Body Gossip so we want her to become very famous, please.

Tamanda is currently in the Cordless Show competition - sign in/register and then click on the "vote" button http://www.cordless-show.com/view_profile.asp?member=dGFtd2Fsa2VybXVzaWNAZ21haWwuY29t

and finally.........

5. Assortment Dedicate and Other Groovy Things on 'The Culture Club', Reach FM

My fellow journo Karla Williams' and I are introducing our show, The Culture Club, on Sunday 9th May on Reach FM. The show will air at 11am and is then repeated at 8pm. There are TWO CHANCES to listen to there is NO EXCUSE not to tune in (none whatsoever. Nope. Not even that). This week features Assortment Dedicate, of whom I am a massive fan and think everyone else should be too (www.myspace.com/assortmentdedicate) and a theatre director with AMAZING chin dimples. Also the usual theatre/music/DVD reviews and generally Karla and me larking about in an amusing fashion.

Listen by tuning into 87.7fm or clicking http://www.ape-media.com/reachfm/

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