Thursday, 29 July 2010

What a Brilliant Idea......In Principle

Anne Milton, the new Health Minister, has suggested that doctors should tell overweight patents that they are 'fat' rather than 'obese'. Her reasoning being that 'obese' doesn't have the same negative implications as 'fat' and is easier to justify in one's mind ('I have an under active thyroid, bad genes' etc). She says that 'fat' is a shocking term, which will compel patients into losing weight action.

Whilst, obviously, this is nonsense ('fat' is a subjective and potentially self-esteem damaging term based on a visual assessment, whereas 'obese' strikes fear into the hearts of most people), I am fully supportive of the current obesity criteria being scrapped.

Back in January, I posted a blog called 'the B in BMI' after my 5 ft 6, size 10 friend came home from a routine check-up at her GP in tears, having been told she was 'technically obese'. Any sensible human being with eyes would have looked at her and said she was slender, yet it appears that her doctor didn't take the requisite moment to glance up from his BMI chart in order to ascertain this.

The statistics which are parroted ad infinitum about our increasingly 'obese' population are therefore rendered meaningless.

If, in the unlikely eventuality that Anne Milton is not being fascetious and a tad judgmental and ACTUALLY means that doctors should use their common sense to assess whether a patient is 'fat', rather than using their dreaded Bollocks Mass Index charts, then I say bring on the revolution! However I fear I am perhaps giving her a little too much credit and what she actually meant was 'let's chase those deplorable fatties out of the country with STICKS!'.

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