Sunday, 29 May 2011

Goodbye Size 0 - Hello Diversity?

Whoever is responsible for perpetuating the idea that ‘clothes look good on skinny people’ has obviously never seen a size 0 model in a corset or a wrap dress.

The truth is, of course, that some clothes DO look better on the more slender amongst us. Some, however, require curves.

If I have to use the phrase ‘spectrum of beauty’ one more time on radio/television/at events/in conversations down the pub with my mates I will actually scream. I’m not sure why people seem incapable of understanding that THEIR idea of beautiful is not EVERYONE’S idea of beautiful and that there is more than one way to be gorgeous.

Kate Moss is beautiful. So is Dawn French. So is Queen Latifa. So is Lucy Lui. So is Adele. So is Paloma Faith. Equally. In different ways. It’s not a difficult concept, really.

Today, the Independent reported on an initiative being spearheaded by the amazing Caryn Franklin and Erin O’Connor, whereby fashion students will have to work on size 16/18 mannequins

It’s based on the idea that a size 16 is the average size of a woman in this country, particularly as they get older (and middle aged women have more disposable income, so are therefore buying the clothes).

Bravo, All Walks – It’s a brilliant endeavour and will certainly provoke a few changes in the fashion industry. After all, clothes are designed to fit on people’s bodies, not the other way around (Iogically, I mean. No doubt certain fashion industry insiders may disagree with me).

I cannot help but hope though that this heralds a time when fashion students have a variety of mannequins, not only in different sizes but shapes too (pear shape, apple shape etc) and can pick and choose according to what would best suit their design?


  1. I am a model and I work in the fashion industry, and I couldn't agree more. I know my health and my weight could be improved on so I don't want to be hypocritical. It's something I work on each day, but in this work I've seen all kinds of things. It sucks, because it's a shallow industry to an extent but I've also seen a lot of girls be turned away and not used because they are too unhealthy and too small to fit any clothes. It's all about the balance. It's difficult to find a healthy balance (I know - I struggle all the time.) But the fashion industry is a crazy world. Crazy crazy world

  2. I love the All Walks campaign and couldn't agree more with Tanya.
    For me, I don't think it even has to be about 'size' per se.
    Daisy Lowe is perfect just as she is because she is healthy. In the same way you describe the others above.
    It needs to be based on HEALTH not size xxxxx