Monday, 30 May 2011


A short addendum to the last blog…..

Recently, I was extolling the virtues of the American television programme 'Mad Men' to my Mother. “It’s brilliant” I said “there’s this character in it called Joan whose at least a size 14 and sexy as hell”.

“What’s it about?” my Mum, not unreasonably, asked, after I’d exhausted the ‘Christina Hendrix is a goddess’ angle. “An ad agency in the 50s” I replied. “All they do is drink, smoke and shag. Like I said. Brilliant”.

I then commented on how weird it is, in these smoking ban times, to see people lighting up in the office. “Oh, I remember that” said Mum. “You used to be able to smoke EVERYWHERE. On trains, even on aeroplanes. You’d quite often go and see your GP and they’d be sitting there smoking”.

To which I collapsed into fits of giggles.

I hope, sincerely, when I am old and wrinkly (much older than my still annoyingly youthful Mother) to be able to say to some enraptured young thing (much younger than myself, who is old enough to have grown out of being told stories by my parents, even I they are smoking related): “You know, when I was young, models were only one size”.

“No way!” the wee young thing will reply, in shock and disbelief.

“Oh yes”. I will reply. “And we used to feel rubbish if we didn’t look that way and none of the high fashion clothes fitted normal people”.

And it will seem so far removed from what she knows, she will collapse into fits of giggles.......


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  2. well written and very relevant... I cannot but stop and wonder how much pressure we put on ourselves to comply to an image,it is up to us ow we deal with pressure. On the other hand the correlation between how we respect ourselves and our bodies (in terms of sleep, exercise and food) and how others respect us will always stand out as the deciding factor for me.
    Ignorance just leads people to the extreme being skinny is healthy(not true) or being really muscly is healthy(also not true...there's a balance and circumstances to everything.

    Be the positive change you wish to see!!