Monday, 16 January 2012

Storming Parliament (Again)

It only seems like 5 minutes ago I was storming Parliament with Gok Wan, in my totally inappropriate shoes, campaigning for body confidence lessons to be put on the National Curriculum. But today I found myself there again, this time in the company of the Magnificent Beast that is Susie Orbach, in a protest against the diet industry.

Here are some of the Body Gossip team, proudly wielding our stupidly large banner in a defiant manner (that rhymes, I am a secretly talented rapper).

My beef with diets, people who advocate diets and those poor, dull, miserable, ultimately-doomed to failure souls who actually embark on them, is endless. What it essentially boils down to, however, is this:

There are two types of health we need to be concerned with, as human beings – Our physical health, and our mental health. And however much the diet industry might try to convince us otherwise, it is never, EVER psychologically healthy to wake up in the morning and know exactly what you will eat that day. Pre-planning is just another word for ‘fixation’. ‘Diet’ is just another word for ‘food obsession’.

So, by all means educate people to make healthy food choices. But by prescribing our food behaviour, the diet industry teaches us to ignore and deny our hunger, to channel our considerable talent and energy into an never-ending quest for thinness and to spend a heck of a lot of our hard earned pennies in the process.


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